Our taxi fare are determine via METER RATES and via TOUR PACKAGE for trips WITHIN KUALA LUMPUR and OUTSIDE KUALA LUMPUR. 

Tour Packages

The fare depends on destinations and vehicle selections. MPV, Executive cars and Van will have higher rates.  The following charges are for standard cabs rate. Moreover, fare via meter rates are optional for clients especially for outside of Kuala Lumpur.


Standard rate : RM 30 / hours


Depending to number of days and how long the distances are. The farther the destinations from pick-up places, the higher its charges.

Standard rate range : RM 270 - 300 / days

Terms & Conditions :

** No extra fare will be charged except for any additional demands or requests by the clients. 

** Tour package fares can be negotiate.

** Includes returns trips.

** Charges start at the pick-up place ( from within Kuala Lumpur or KLIA/KLIA2/Subang Airport ) decided by the passengers.





Budget Taxi

  • fits up to 4 persons per ride.
  • 2 medium luggage / 4-5 small luggage (for full capacity)


  • TEKSI 1 Malaysia (TEKS1M)
  • fits up to 4-5 person per ride
  • 3 medium luggage / 5-6 small luggage (for full capacity)


  • fits up to 10-18 person per ride
  • 3 medium luggage / 5-6 small luggage (for full capacity)

** For more info regarding the fare or the vehicles, please contact us via TAWK.TO ( positioned at the right bottom of this page), call/text via provided PHONE NUMBER or through WHATSAPP for more information about the pricing. Below are links for whatsapp or phone number (click on the icons) :

Phone No

Contact No | Whatsapp

[For preferences : +6011-51621720 ]

** Online booking available HERE . Please be informed that all online booking must be made at least 3 hours before the departure time for everyone conveniences.

** Any feedback from our clients are also encourage by our side. Send your suggestions or request on [email protected] .

** See what kind of services do we offer HERE and discover all the interesting places you can go with our services HERE .

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